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Cosmetic veneers and prosthesis clinic

♣Dental veneers help you get the best smile, through a thin veneer made of ceramic materials that is glued to the outer surface of the teeth, improving the shape and color of teeth, creating a similar appearance to natural, and giving a lasting white smile.


♣ There is more than one way to get white teeth free of defects, hide broken and irregular teeth, hide severe stains that are difficult to treat and yellowish teeth, and treat the problem of spaces between teeth.

Hollywood smile


The dentist removes about half a millimeter of tooth enamel to prepare the tooth, and by using a special mold, a model of the sizes of your teeth is taken to build suitable lenses, then it is ensured that the sizes and colors of the lenses are suitable for your teeth, the teeth are cleaned well to not grow bacteria under them and rough the surface of the teeth and then stick the lenses.

Bollywood smile

Composite veneers are cosmetic lenses that are attached to the teeth to hide all dental imperfections and give you a bright smile like stars and a charming laugh, they are manufactured faster and easier than other lenses, and they are formulated in one session only, their prices are competitive and appropriate, and their effect lasts for several years.


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