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The first Andalusia Dental Center was established in 1989 at Al Makarona Street, and soon it became one of the leading specialized dental centers in Jeddah. In 2009, it was followed by Le Château Dental Center. Andalusia Dental Centers includes about 20 specialized clinics and provides a variety of services (dentistry - oral surgery - gum treatment - orthodontics). All clinics are equipped with the latest dental equipment and a room equipped to treat children under general anesthesia, and we always strive to keep pace with the progress and use New equipment and technologies to ensure the best possible care.

Our Core Values

  • our mission

    our mission

    Our goal is to continually improve the health status by providing the healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia with the highest quality products and services and the latest technology

  • our vision

    our vision

    Our vision is to effectively lead the Middle East healthcare industry towards global standards

  • Our goal

    Our goal

    We want to be the leader in our industry and empower our employees and customers to create a healthier society



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Board of directors

Dr Darweesh Mustafa

Dr. Darwish Mustafa Zaqzouq


Dr Hazem Darweesh

Dr. Hazem Darwish Zaqzouq

Vice Chairman and CEO

Dr Mahmoud Elzalabany

Professor Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zalbany

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr Adnan Almazrooa

Dr. Adnan Abdullah Al-Mazrou

Member of the Board of Directors

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